The Connected Therapist

A book about finding where the need lies and meeting that need.

Reviews for The Connected Therapist:

I’m a better therapist because I’ve known Marti Smith. When I sent my clients and their families to work with Marti, they were loved and cared for in the same way she loves and cares for her reader in The Connected Therapist. Marti is gifted in helping parents and caregivers see their child through a new lens- the body- awakening curiosity in even the most frustrated adult. The Connected Therapist draws the reader in with story and then packs their tool-box with simple, every day interventions. I want every parent I know to read this book. - Robyn Gobbel, LMSW-clinical

Marti Smith’s wisdom and compassion is a gift to anyone serving a child with sensory challenges. In The Connected Therapist, Marti marries her expertise in occupational therapy with personal storytelling and humor to create a tremendous resource for caregivers and professionals alike. - Sarah Mercado

As a parent and former teacher, I cannot express this strongly enough: Read this book. I wish I had this resource twenty years ago, but its encouragement and practical suggestions will inform every interaction I have with children moving forward. Marti’s emphasis on relationship and connection, along with her overriding principles of care and comprehensive therapeutic knowledge, inspire each rader to take a chance (take two!) and reach out to children who are struggling. - Carolyn Bryant

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Reviews for Sensory Healing After Developmental Trauma:

Marti Smith makes challenging subjects easier to digest, and the ideas included in the book are implementable today in your home, school, clinic, or community setting. As a trauma-responsive occupational therapist and adoptive parent this book is what I needed a decade ago! - Erica Schuppe OTR/L, NMT Phase 1 certification holder via Neurosequential Network and Yoga Instructor

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, I have found Sensory Healing After Developmental Trauma to be an invaluable resource for gaining a profound understanding of the intricate nature of behaviors and the neuroscience behind developmental trauma. To promote healing and overall well-being in individuals impacted by trauma, it is essential to adopt a biologically and developmentally grounded approach. The KALMAR app serves as a powerful tool in implementing this approach, providing a comprehensive treatment framework that addresses all aspects of a client's life. By incorporating Marti Smith's insights, professionals can enhance their effectiveness in assisting individuals affected by complex trauma, facilitating the development of a more integrated and cohesive brain. - Michael Remole MA, LCPC, NCC, I/ECHMHC, Founder of Gateway Family Services of Illinois & Rising Tide Conference

Sensory Healing after Developmental Trauma eloquently describes the impact of developmental trauma on the sensory systems and offers a compassionate and clear pathway to the possibility of healing. Marti Smith helps the reader empathically feel the impact of trauma on a child's mind and body while describing neurobiological processes in ways that are easily understood. A highlight of this book is that the offerings of sequential sensory interventions are user-friendly and doable for parents, teachers and clinicians alike. - Kim Barthel, OTR Relationship Matters

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