Course Ideas

The best part about "OT and PT on a Shoestring Budget" is the wealth of knowledge from the great ideas that come from the other participants in the course. Marti wants you to benefit from the ideas from the course you attend. So, as promised at the workshops, here is a link to gain access to ideas that have been suggested by others within the workshops. If you have attended a workshop in the past, please enter the username (your email account) that you signed up with at the course. If you did not sign up because you attended a course before this link was added, please Please email Marti so she can look up your attendance record and add you to the list.

If you have not attended a course by Marti but would still like access to this information, you may pay $40 to gain access.

Thank you to the many OT's and PT's across the US whom have been willing to share their ideas and expertise to help the independence and participation of people they may never even meet. What a great way to make a difference!