Private Clients

Thanks so much for contacting me. I know first hand how hard a quest for answers can be. I'm looking forward to focusing on your child and seeking the answers with you. My fee is a flat $25 per 15 minute “unit”. I do not submit to insurance since I only see a handful of clients per week. This allows me to spend more time asking you questions to really get to know your struggles and give detailed home programming. With insurance, I have to document every minute as billable and therefore based in activity or exercise. I will still provide intensive home programs, as I believe this is very important in my model. Before we begin, I will need a prescription for evaluation and treatment from your pediatrician with a medical diagnosis if available. I will also request a detailed narrative history as well as your goals for why you chose to seek my services. This will help me further personalize your treatment sessions.


I will tell you that my model is very different than any others I am aware of in this area. My goal is to train you to specifically help only your child. I want to look at all aspects of his day and help you guide him to be his best. To be the blessing God created him to be. I will expect you to be very involved in every treatment session and I will be sending you home with homework. My model is to only treat a child for a few months and give the parents the tools they need to help their child for a lifetime. Of course, if problems arise in the future, I am happy to re-evaluate as needed. I personally prefer this approach to the clinic model of treating the child away from the parent and then only having a few minutes to summarize at the end.

I also find great value in clinic models and I love my time I spend in the clinic. So, if you are looking for a more long-term treatment approach, I am happy to make recommendations to local clinics based on your needs if you choose that route.

Blessings to you and your child as you embark on this journey of healing. Please let me know how I can assist.

Thanks, Marti

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